Our History

Rotary Trail sign

Birmingham, Alabama, we locals like to say, is made from steel.  

You see, just a few short years after the end of the Civil War, early settlers realized the three main ingredients for producing steel (iron ore, coal, and limestone) were nestled right here within the red clay hills of Jones Valley. With an impressive railroad system in place, industry exploded, and the city of Birmingham was born, its skyline burning bright with steel furnace towers. The area quickly acquired the name “Magic City”, its rapid growth propelling Birmingham to the nation’s spotlight and attracting a bounty of new residents, construction, and development.

Although those furnaces have long been silenced, the Magic City remains an impressive Southern city. In fact, we’re believers that Birmingham is the South’s best kept secret. Home to Alabama’s largest employer, UAB, Birmingham’s short history has created a dense fabric of cultural amenities, corporate development, innovative research, and strong community. Ever evolving, Birmingham, Alabama has become a metropolitan destination that offers something for everyone: specifically, a great place to live, work, and play.

Most people see it as soon as they arrive – Birmingham is, well, it’s just magical!

Information from livbirmingham.org/about.php
Magic City Title Old Photo

1993 - Establishment of Company

Donald W. Huey and Robert W. McCorkle formed MAGIC CITY TITLE on May 1, 1993. They are pictured here in front of the original offices for Magic City Title.

Magic City Title Building

2005 - New Building Same Great Service

We moved our original offices from downtown to our current location on Highway 280. We expanded our office because of our continued growth serving the state of Alabama.