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Family Tradition Continues

Family Tradition Continues

Growing up in a conservative suburb near Fort Worth, Texas, Jack Rattikin III learned strong family values steeped in hard work, respect and integrity. His “Leave It to Beaver” household included his mother, father, three siblings and a dog.

Members of the close-knit family all still live in Fort Worth. Over the years, the Rattikins took many vacations, including motor home trips to Alaska and Canada. Rattikin III recalled many “dangerous” ski boating trips with his father and brother on the Mississippi, Arkansas, Missouri and Tennessee rivers, as well as the Intracoastal Canal in Texas.

As much as the Rattikin men enjoy vacationing together, they also share an unwavering passion for the title insurance industry. Rattikin’s grandfather, Jack Rattikin Sr., served as the 1939-40 ALTA president, while his father led ALTA during 1984-85. In October, Rattikin III became the third generation of his family to be named ALTA president. In addition, Rattikin’s uncle, Bill Thurman, served as the 1990-91 ALTA president.

“I am humbled to follow in the footsteps of my grandfather and father in taking on the role of ALTA president,” said Rattikin, president and CEO of Rattikin Title Co. in Fort Worth. “As a young man, I knew it was an important position. However, during my time on the ALTA Board of Governors, I’ve come to realize exactly how much of my father’s and grandfather’s heart and soul went into their time as president.”

Rattikin looks forward to collaborating with colleagues and peers who are dedicated to improving the industry and helping their communities grow. For the next year, ALTA strategic priorities include helping members optimize their businesses in a changing market; leveraging modern payment systems, including digital funds transfers and currencies; promoting homeownership opportunities; and navigating the regulatory environment.

To achieve results, Rattikin plans to enhance relationships with state and federal regulatory agencies and policymakers to better advocate for public policies on multiple issues, such as expanding homeownership affordability and protecting against predatory practices undermining homeownership opportunities. He said ALTA also will provide education and training to help members plan for a changing economic environment and promote resources to help them run their businesses more efficiently.

“Jack is one of our most valuable leaders in the title insurance industry and at ALTA,” said ALTA CEO Diane Tomb. “His decades of hands-on experience will help him lead ALTA members through a changing economic landscape. Additionally, his ability to cultivate relationships across vertical and horizontal markets will be especially important as ALTA works to enhance connections with state and federal regulatory agencies and policymakers.”


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